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Insist on Technological Innovation and Release of Jinpi's New Products

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2011 Jinpi Company New and Old Customer Return Wine and New Product Release Recent in Wenzhou Jinyindao Hotel. More than 500 people from the industry and all walks of life participated in the reception. The atmosphere was warm and solemn.

& nbsp; through the continuous innovation of the company's scientific and technological personnel, dare to struggle, keep pace with the times, strive to play to their strengths and core competitiveness, perseverance to occupy the market. Through many efforts of scientific researchers, our company has successfully developed a new generation of Zheng 3G double-system computerized flat knitting machine, in order to let the new and old customers know the company's new products and company's latest developments for the first time. At the same time, we will give year-end thanks to new and old customers who have been supporting and helping the company grow.

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